It's not rare that you see a poster mix-up in a foreign market, where the cover from a DVD of an entirely different movie gets used as the poster for a new movie, but the switcheroo that happened with "Thor: The Dark World" is of a very special variety.

Thor and Loki are brothers in the Marvel universe — well, half-brothers— but according to a movie poster reportedly displayed in a Shanghai theater, they may get dramatically closer in “Thor: The Dark World.”

小编注:漫威宇宙 The Marvel Universe 是漫威漫画虚构的一个宇宙,即一系列英雄故事上演之地。漫威出版公司普遍称为漫威漫画,是一家美国的漫画公司。

While the poster for the superhero flick is supposed to feature Thor putting a protective arm in front of his earthling love interest, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), a Chinese theater accidentally used a photoshopped fan-made version — which suggests a very different story.

Joss Whedon is laughing really hard right now.

According to a reddit post, this fan poster for the upcoming Marvel sequel ended up in a Shanghai movie theater, most likely pleasing a very specific set of fan fiction writers.