He is best known as this generation's incarnation of Sherlock Holmes and he wouldn't be the eccentric detective without his head of curly dark hair.

But it seems Benedict Cumberbatch has parted with his trademark look to film new Second World War drama The Imitation Game in London.

The 37-year-old actor had his hair parted harshly to one side and slicked down in a straight style.

He also appeared to be sporting a lighter a hue than the raven locks viewers of Sherlock will be familiar with but the actor is naturally fair.

The Public School-educated actor wore a grey dog-tooth jacket and shirt and tie to shoot the scenes in which he portrays Alan Turing, a real- life mathematician who helped to crack the enigma code during the war against Nazi Germany.

Turing was later tried for being a homosexual in homophobic 1950s Britain and is believed to have later committed suicide

The film will also star Keira Knightly as a fellow code-breaker as well as Mathew Goode, Mark Strong and Rory Kinnear.

Leonardo Di Caprio was once expected to assume the lead but the part eventually went to Cumberbatch suggesting his star is certainly on the rise.