It seems you always forget-your reading glasses when you are rushing to work, your coat when you are going to the cleaners, your credit card when you are shopping...

Such absent-mindedness may be __1__ to you; now British and German scientists are developing memory glasses that record everything the __2__ sees.

The glasses can play back memories later to help the wearer remember things they have forgotten such as where they left their keys. And the glasses also __3__ the user to "label" items so that information can be used later on. The wearer could walk around an office or a factory identifying certain __4__ by pointing at them. Objects indicated are then given a __5__ label on a screen inside the glasses that the user then fills in.

It could be used in __6__ plants by mechanics looking to identify machine parts or by electricians wiring a __7__ device.
A spokesman for the project said: "A car mechanic for __8__ could find at a glance where a part on a certain car model is so that it can be identified and repaired. For the motorist the system could __9__ accident black spots or dangers on the road."
In other cases the glasses could be worn by people going on a guided tour, __10__ points of interest or by people looking at panoramas where all the sites could be identified.

[A] allow
[B] instance
[C] blank
[D] industrial
[E] frustrating
[F] items
[G] indicating
[H] highlight
[I] user
[J] complicated
[K] white
[L] annoying
[M] successful
[N] articles
[O] simple