She has so far had minor parts in Doctor Who and detective drama series Lewis.

But now Daisy Lewis is set to hit the big time as she joins the cast of hit ITV show Downton Abbey, playing the new love interest of widower Tom Branson.

The British actress has been spotted filming alongside Tom Branson over the last couple of days, amid rumours she will become one of the show’s most prominent characters.

Daisy, who’s character is currently unnamed, no doubt feels right at home as she has already starred alongside Maggie Smith and Hugh Bonneville in 2009 feature film From Time To Time, also penned by Julian Fellowes.

The actress, who trained at the National Youth theatre, has also had small parts in BBC television shows including Doctor Who, Lewis, After You've Gone and Miss Austen Regrets.

Speaking about her role a source told The Daily Mirror: 'Daisy will become one of Downton’s most prominent characters. She wowed producers in her audition and they are delighted to have secured such a brilliant young actress.'

The source continued: 'Her romance with Tom will be one of the main storylines of the series. He will begin to develop feelings for her and they start a secret affair.

'Tom will have an even bigger role in the new series after ­becoming the estate manager of Downton,' they added.

【英剧资讯】热门英剧《唐顿庄园》第四季正在拍摄中,日前有报道称英国演员Daisy Lewis 将加盟该剧饰演鳏夫汤姆-布兰森的孩子Baby Sybil 的保姆,并将于在上季中失去妻子的汤姆-布兰森发展一段感情。Daisy Lewis 出演《唐顿庄园》的剧照也在日前正式曝光。

知情人透露,Daisy Lewis 饰演的角色目前尚未确定名字,但这个决定与汤姆-布兰森的爱情故事将是第四季的主线,汤姆在第四季中的戏份也会增加。《唐顿庄园》第四季将于今年9月在英国ITV电视台首播。