Wendi McLendon-Covey is going to spend some time with the Dunphys.

The Bridesmaids star has booked a guest spot on ABC’s Modern Family playing one-half of a lesbian couple whose son gets into a fight with Lily on the first day of kindergarten. SNL alum Michaela Watkins will play her partner. “I can’t wait. I go in and film it tomorrow and Wednesday and Thursday,” McLendon-Covey tells EW. “It’ll be pretty fun.”

The actress, who will appear in the third episode of the season, jokes that she’s looking forward to taking on a role that is completely different than the types of characters she’s played before — because she’s playing a loving mother. “I usually play someone who hates her kids — this time I love my child!”

Meanwhile, McLendon-Covey says she will return to work on CBS’s Rules of Engagement next month for two episodes to wrap up her storyline opposite David Spade’s character, and will soon be doing re-shoots for her ABC pilot Kings of Van Nuys, a remake of the British sitcom Only Fools and Horses.

温迪•麦兰顿柯维(Wendi McLendon-Covey)将和邓菲一家(Dunphys)短暂相伴。

这位《伴娘》(Bridesmaids)女星将客串ABC电视台的《摩登家庭》(Modern Family),扮演一对蕾丝边家长中的一位。她的儿子在幼儿园开学第一天就和莉莉(Lily)打闹起来。而《周六夜现场》(Saturday Night Live)曾经的常客麦克拉•沃特金斯(Michaela Watkins)将饰演她的伴侣。温迪•麦兰顿柯维告诉《娱乐周刊》的记者:“我等不及要去参加这部剧的拍摄了,从明天一直拍到周四。”


与此同时,麦兰顿柯维透露她下月会回到CBS电视台,完成她在《约会规则》(Rules of Engagement)中的最后两集,以使她和大卫•史派德(David Spade)的对手戏圆满落幕。另外,她也即将参与重拍ABC电视台的《范奈斯之王》(Kings of Van Nuys)首集,这部电视剧翻拍自英国电视剧《只有傻瓜和马》(Only Fools and Horses)。