Hint: Mary Jack
"Oh that was awesome! There was a moment of clarity when the cloud of confusion cleared and I could classify every part of the body in front of me. I thought I would have no clue about some parts, but your coaching was great and I'm sure my classifications were correct and I passed the test!" Said Mary as she clutched the coat she had just been given from the cloakroom. “I was so clumsy a week ago in the clinic. But today everything just clicked. And I know it's totally cliche to say this, but my eyes have really been opened because of you." "No problem." Replied Jack proudly. "You just had a classic case of pre-test worry. Working with clay dummies always helped me and I thought it might help you.
“哦,真可怕。疑云散去后我的头脑出现了一阵清醒,我能对面前的身体的每个部位进行分类。我以为有些部位我会找不到线索,但是你的辅导太棒了,我敢保证我的分类正确且通过了考试!”玛丽边说边抓起从衣帽间递出的外套,“一个星期前,我在诊所里还笨手笨脚的,可今天一切都进展顺利。我知道这么说完全是陈词滥调,可你真的使我眼界大开。” “没问题,”杰克骄傲地答道,“你只不过是典型的考前恐慌而已。把黏土做成的假人当真人来准备考试对我很有帮助,所以我想对你也应该有所帮助。