Recently,Starz served up the last episode for their "Spartacus: War Of The Damned" series of season 3, and it appears that things will get super intense to close this series out as Spartacus takes a "no holds barred" attitude, slaying the hell out Crassus' large army in one final,epic, battle, and more. The episode is titled, "Victory." In the new clip, Spartacus gathers his rebel crew together, and marches in to have one big,epic,final battle with Crassus' huge Roman army.

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Six months after Spartacus defeats Glaber, his small army of 70 has grown to thousands and have claimed victory against every commander dispatched to put down their rebellion. Now Spartacus and his rebels must face the very might of Rome, against Marcus Crassus and Julius Caesar along with their army of 50,000.

Spartacus War of the Damned season 3 Episode 10 Finale Watch "victory"

Spartacus prepares to give his troops a final speech. He says their fight is against those who would force others into slavery, "Let us teach them that all who draw breath are of equal worth, and that those who seek to place heel upon the throat of liberty will fall with a cry of freedom!"

Spartacus, who is dying of his wounds, says"There is no greater victory than to fall from this world a free man."Spartacus dies. Darkness covers the land, and a light shower begins to fall. The rebel survivors–women, babies, former warriors–make their way to freedom.
斯巴达克斯终因战伤死去,但是他留下一句话,“没有比这更伟大的胜利了,死的时候,是个自由的人。” 黑暗覆盖了大地,一缕曙光乍现,起义军的幸存者,不管是女人、孩子还是以前的士兵,都向着自由的道路走去。

About the legend

The legend of Spartacus, the warrior-slave who led a bloody but doomed rebellion against the Roman Republic, took root in history 2,000 years ago. Starz ends its contribution to the legacy this year with the final season of its original series about the gladiator who became a formidable rebel leader.
斯巴达克斯传奇讲的是一个奴隶士兵起义,血誓反抗罗马帝国统治的故事。这一历史发生在2000年以前,Starz 电视台制作三季剧集,重塑了这一最终成长为起义军领袖的强大角斗士形象。