11.30pm ET
The Broadcast Is Over
LL Cool J gets cut off saying good night on the Grammys.

11.22pm ET
"Still To Come, I Take The Stage"
LL Cool J now making Grammys threats.

11.18pm ET
"We figured we wouldn't win anything because The Black Keys had been sweeping up all day," lead singer Marcus Mumford joked.

11.18pm ET
GONG! The Grammy for album of the year ...
... goes to Mumford and Sons for Babel.
年度最佳专辑:Mumford and Sons《Babel》

11.16pm ET
Adele Is Here To Announce Album Of The Year

11.12pm ET
Frank Ocean Performs "Forrest Gump"

Frank Ocean takes to the stage in a yellow suit and ruffled blue shirt to perform Forrest Gump against a video screen streaming a hipster reenactment of a the movie’s running scene.

As amazingly talented as Ocean is – and for as wonderful as his album is – an out-of-context tender R&B song with an achy refrain that goes “Forrrrrrest Guuuuump” sounds a little goofy, alas.

10.59pm ET
Levon Helm Tribute At The Grammys

Elton John dedicates the Levon Helm tribute to the children and school teachers who lost their lives during the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

John, Zac Brown Band, Mumford & Sons, Mavis Staples and T Bone Burnett performed "The Weight" by The Band to honor Helm, who was the band's drummer.

10.55pm ET
Chick Corea, who picked up his own Grammy earlier in the night, is on hand to pay tribute to jazz titan Dave Brubeck, who we lost this year. Of course, producers waited until the 12th hour of the show for the too-brief rendition of Take Five, when any viewers who might have heard of Brubeck are probably asleep.

10.47pm ET
Prince, on hand to present record of the year, walks on to Sexy MF and the crowd pays the respect his purpleness deserves. The award goes to Gotye and Prince – Prince!! – says: “Oh, I love this song.”

Gotye credits Prince as a big inspiration. Prince checks his watch, eager to return to his paisley hyperbaric sex swing.

10.42pm ET
GONG! The Grammy for record of the year
... goes to Gotye for Somebody That I Used To Know.
年度最佳制作:Gotye《Somebody That I Used To Know》,不愧是神曲!

10.36pm ET
Carrie Underwood
Very, very odd things started happening to Carrie Underwood’s dress as she sang. Online suggestions ranged from Avatar, to the laser show at the Planetarium, to a gas stove, to – you get the point. It was pretty amazing though. It was like a movie projection screen that just had weird patterns projected on it all the way through her second song.

10.32pm ET
"I have to pee so bad," lead singer Nate Ruess said. This acceptance line needs a little work we think, from the band we are now going to refer to as FUN!!! for winning the newcomer award.

10.28pm ET
GONG! The Grammy for best new artist goes to...
... goes to Fun.
在《We Are Young》拿到年度最佳歌曲后,Fun.又收获了最佳新人奖!

10.23pm ET
To Twitter’s ruthless jeers, the Lumineres get the break of a lifetime to perform an introduction to Jack White. Who appears with his new band, the Undead Southern Gothic Belles (probably).

Jack White out Black Keys the Black Keys with one fake sister tied behind his back. In his rhinestone Nudie suit and his bevy of beauties and not one but two bands, White is the only thing even remotely representing rock at this thing. Country too, for that matter.

10.20pm ET
The Lumineers perform the hit song "Ho Hey" at the Grammys and you sing "ho hey" in the comfort of your own home.

10.11pm ET
Now It's A Bob Marley Tribute
Rihanna and Ziggy Marley join Sting and Bruno Mars to sing "Could You Be Loved." It crushes.

10.10pm ET
Sting & Bruno Mars Sing "Walking On The Moon"

10.06pm ET
Bruno Mars Opens The Grammys Bob Marley Tribute

Music history according to LL Cool J: In the 70s Bob Marley took his “rasta-man” vibrations around the world and influenced the Police. Someone fire whoever wrote that speech.
As is appropriate, Mars sings his song "Locked Out of Heaven," and not a Bob Marley song.

10.00pm ET
Kelly Clarkson pays a gorgeous homage to Patti Page with Tennessee Waltz, and Carol King with (You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman. Taylor Swift, sit down, shut up and take some notes.

9.59pm ET
GONG! The Grammy for best country album...
... goes to the Zac Brown Band for Uncaged.
最佳乡村专辑:Zac Brown Band《Uncaged》

9.55pm ET
The Black Keys

Famous musician Kat Dennings introduces The Black Keys who perform Lonely Boy with Dr John and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. She says something about the Black Keys being two mid-western boys reinventing the blues in their garage, although it is unclear if the blues is aware.

Anyway, Auerbach, one of the two Keys, picked up a Grammy earlier tonight for his production work on the Dr John record Locked Down. The performance of Lonely Boy gives short shrift to Dr John’s many, many virtues.

9.46pm ET
"Ryan, this one's for you," Frank Ocean said while accepting the award, referencing his brother. The-Dream also accepted the award, while wearing a funny hat.

9.45pm ET
GONG! The Grammy for rap / sung collaboration ...
... goes to "No Church in the Wild" by Jay-Z & Kanye West featuring Frank Ocean and The Dream.
最佳说唱歌曲合作:Jay-Z & Kanye West feat. Frank Ocean & The-Dream《No Church in the Wild》

9.39pm ET
Rihanna Performs "Stay" With Mikky Ekko
Rihanna slow-jams the Grammys with her new single "Stay." This song is boss, as Wiz Kalifa would say.

9.37pm ET
"Miguel, I don't know who the hell you are, but we need to sing together? That was the sexiest damn thing I've ever seen. What!" Clarkson said during an adorable acceptance speech.

9.32pm ET
GONG! The Grammy for pop vocal album goes to...
... Kelly Clarkson, for Stronger.
最佳流行演唱专辑:Kelly Clarkson《Stronger》

9.28pm ET
Alicia Keys and Maroon 5

Alicia Keys is the go-to chick for TV events at the moment. Only woman appearing at the Concert for Sandy, sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl and now here she is tonight. She’s on the drums tonight wearing another of those now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t dresses. Doesn’t matter that there’s no chemistry whatsoever between her and Adam Levine. She’s lit up the stage.

9.28pm ET
“We hold these truths to be self evident: music bring us together,” says LL Cool J, by way of introducing Alcia Keys and Maroon 5 to perform Girl on Fire and Daylight. Every mom in America is so happy right now.

9.22pm ET
GONG! The Grammy for rock performance...
...goes to Lonely Boy by The Black Keys.
最佳摇滚演奏:The Black Keys《Lonely Boy》

9.15pm ET
Best urban contemporary album is a new Grammy category. Ocean’s acceptance was mumbled and subdued, but at the very least this is one moment where the Grammys got it right.

9.13pm ET
GONG! The Grammy for urban contemporary album...
...goes to Frank Ocean for Channel Orange.
最佳当代城市专辑:Frank Ocean《Channel Orange》

9.12pm ET
Justin Timberlake Debuts New Song At Grammys
The track, "Pusher Love Girl," is another mid-tempo, smooth Timberlake jam. He premiered the track at a Super Bowl pre-party last week.

9.09pm ET
How adorbs is Bey? Ellen Degeneres and Beyoncé announced Justin Timberlake who is on hand to perform Suit & Tie. Beyoncé calls JT a “triple threat”: gifted at making music, acting and dancing. The camera pointedly does not cut to Mr Beyoncé for a reaction shot.

8.55pm ET
Johnny Depp has not changed his clothes since Pirates of the Caribbean as he takes the stage to introduce the “sublime” Mumford and Sons.

8.55pm ET
So, Song of the Year goes to Lena Dunhman’s Boyfriend’s Band. Sadly they didn’t say anything about LL Cool J getting them through their toughest middle school moments. And with that, Carly Rae Jepsen is officially over.

8.52pm ET
GONG! The Grammy for song of the year goes to...
... We Are Young, by Fun, featuring Janelle Monáe.
年度最佳歌曲出炉:Fun, featuring Janelle Monáe《We Are Young》

8.45pm ET
Miguel and Wiz Khalifa team up to do Adorn, with Miguel dazzling on some gospel inflected vocals. Even Khalifa seems genuinely in awe of the raw soul and power of the performance. Which, naturally, precedes the announcement of the Best Country Solo Performance award. Naturally.

8.43pm ET
GONG! The Grammy for best country solo performance...
... goes to Carrie Underwood Blown Away.
最佳乡村歌手:Carrie Underwood《Blown Away》

8.41pm ET
Lambert’s set (snow covered tree – or what looks like one, smoky/snowy stage) is clearly tribute to the snowstorm we just suffered in the northeast United States.

8.40pm ET
Miranda Lambert

Bonnie Raitt and John Mayer introduce Miranda Lambert, wife of country star Blake Shelton. Lambert came to fame as a contestant on Nashville Star, eventually becoming a third-place finisher on the show, a program on which Shelton was a judge.

The song is nondescript power ballad. But this is the most popular music in America, kids. Hank Williams is blissfully unavailable for comment. The rest of you: Wake up!

8.28pm ET

Neil Patrick Harris takes to the stage to introduce Fun. “They’re so awesome they should change the period in their name to an exclamation mark,” he says. Which he can get away with because no one is as awesome as he is.

That said, Fun come out dressed like North Korean party officials ready for gym class. And nothing evokes fun quite like North Korea and gym. Bizarrely they play something other than the one song we’ve all heard. And heard. And heard.

I wouldn’t sing about being “invincible” if I were them though until all the awards have been counted.

8.25pm ET
Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez strutted on stage to dole out that first award. “As you can see I read the memo,” says J-Lo, doing her leggiest Jolie.

8.20pm ET
GONG! The Grammy for best pop solo performance...
...goes to Adele, for Set Fire to the Rain.
最佳流行歌手:Adele《for Set Fire to the Rain》,又是阿呆!

8.19pm ET
LL Cool J – the intro speech

Let me scroll back for a moment to that intro. “Are you ready for your show?” asks LL Cool J.

It’s a populist sentiment and a nice way to set the tone for the evening. The rapper-host has made more of a name for himself in recent years as an actor, but reminded the audience that he has two Grammys of his own, “so far.”

LL recalled seeing for the first time recordings his own father had made and stressed that “music was, is and always will be my first love.” He also remembered watching Michael Jackson’s triumphant sweep for Thriller, telling viewers that “that magical image inspired me to go after my own dreams.”

Sticking with the populist theme, he pictured superstars in the audience as kids at home, having their own moments of inspiration: Justin Timberlake had his in Memphis, Carrie Underwood had hers in Oklahoma. Beyonce would have been watching as a child in Houston, Adele in England, Rihanna in Barbados. The message: everyone comes from somewhere, and music belongs to everyone.

But then again, since we’re about to dole out awards, some of us do it better than others. On with the show.

8.16pm ET
Elton John and Ed Sheeran perform a very low energy ballad which I’d never heard of before. Sheeran, for the boomers of you watching the show, was born in England in 1991 and used to write for One Direction (ask your grandkids). Elton’s a big fan of his, so this duet is an obvious endorsement by Old Man John – who’ll be back later in the show.

8.08pm ET
Taylor Swift: a 'hot mess'

Taylor Swift kicks off the show, as expected, with We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, the official lead single from her fourth studio album. The spectacle is a hot mess of a cross between Cirque de Soleil, Alice and Wonderland and Burning Man. We wonder if she will ever make good on this promise of hers to never ever to get back together with us.

Oh then, host LL Cool J calls her T-Swizzle. Goodnight, I’m done. Oh wait, there’s more?

8.03pm ET
Taylor Swift Kicks Off The Grammys
Swift sings "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," while dressed like Apollo Creed in the "Rocky" movies.

8.01pm ET
"A Performance From Host LL Cool J That Will Tear The Roof Off"
And The Grammys are starting now ...