“So, do you have any questions for me?”

Whether or not you’re currently looking for a job, try your knowledge: Do you have the right questions to ask your interviewer?

The goal, of course, is to ask a few smart questions – thoughtful ones that show you’ve been paying attention and have done your homework when it comes to researching the company, and the specific job you’re after. At the very least, you want to ask something.

We asked professional recruiters to brief us on five effective interview questions to ask.


Questions You Should Definitely Ask in a Job Interview

1. Can you explain the culture to me, with examples of how the company upholds it?

Asking for specific insight into the company’s culture is key. “Everyone will tell you that their culture is great, but examples prove it,” says Abby Kohut. This will help you decide if you want to work for them. At the same time, most interviewers are also trying to assess if you’re a good cultural fit for the company.
询问跟公司文化有关的深刻问题是块敲门砖。“每个人都会告诉你他们公司的文化很赞,但只有例子才能说明这一点,”Abby Kohut说。这个问题能帮你决定是否愿意为该公司效力。同时,也能帮助招聘者决定你是否能够融入本公司的文化氛围。



2. How have you recognized your employees in the past?

This is another example of a smart question that digs for specifics. “You want to be sure that your new company appreciates its employees,” says Kohut, and that the company values morale.



3. What excites you most about your job, and what do you like most about this company?

By nature, most people like to talk about themselves, so this question helps warm up your interviewer, suggests Barrett-Poindexter. It also provides critical insight into whether you’d be happy working with this individual or company. “If your interviewer’s answer excites you, that can further reinforce your decision to continue the interview process. If the response is lukewarm, it may give you something to think about before deciding to invest in a future here.”



4. I like to collaborate with team members and brainstorm ideas to help reach communal goals. Can you give me examples of collaboration within the company?

“This is a great question for team players,” says Josh Tolan. It not only shows that you have a quality that’s very valuable to the company, but it also gets down to brass tacks when it comes to company culture.
“对于热衷团队合作的人来说,这是个极棒的问题”,Josh Tolan说。它不仅显示出你对于公司的价值,更讨论了有关公司文化的实质性问题。



5. What are the most important things you’d like to see me accomplish in the first 30, 60 and 90 days of my employment?

This question shows you’re in invested in what you can bring to the company, and not just what the company can do for you. “Expect the answer to go deeper than just a basic skill set requirement,” says Jacqui Barrett Poindexter. “Hope that the interviewer will wander a bit, providing personal insight into qualities he favors–perhaps even offering nuggets of detail you can use to reinforce your value in the follow-up thank-you letter.”
这个问题显示出你愿意为公司效力,而非仅仅关注个人待遇问题。“除了公司对员工基本的技能要求以外,你可以问得更深入些,”Jacqui Barrett Poindexter说道,“最好面试官能回答得稍离题一点,说出他对员工的个人期望-甚至提供一些高价值的细节。这样,你就可以在面试结束后的感谢信中,突出描述你在他期望的那方面的能力。”