It’s a new week. However, is your life repeating itself? Are you doing the same things that you did last week?

Performing the same actions and giving the minimum to get by. After all, you have done all this before. Same Actions, Same Results.

If you are just going through the motions, you are wasting your time. Same actions. Different day. Repeat. Repeat. Same low effort. Same low results.

You could probably do it in your sleep. (Many people in the workplace appear to do this.) If you do the same things every day, then your life is going to be boring by definition.

After all, you do the same things. Eat the same foods. Go to the same places. Talk to the same people. And you wonder why your life is boring? Average, even.

If you don’t want the same repetitive routine, then it’s on you to change things up. After all, doing the same things each day and expecting different results is… well, just stupid. (Sorry, but it is.)  Here are 7 Ways to “Not Go Through the Motions Today…”

1. Change It Up – Sometimes even small changes to your routine can produce big results. Get up 30 minutes early. Stay 30 minutes late. Do things out-of-order for once.
有所改变 —— 有时候,哪怕最小的改变都能带来不错的结果。比如,早30分钟起床、晚30分钟回家、打破常规做事情。

2. Always Give It Your All – Going through the motions produces average results because you aren’t doing your best work. Never compromise yourself. Always do things right the first time and with class.
全力以赴 —— 敷衍塞责只能造成平庸,因为你并没有尽最大努力。永远别跟自己妥协。永远在第一时间最出色地完成任务。

3. Do Something New – If you want different results, you have to do different things. Today, do something new. Something you wouldn’t have normally done. When presented with two choices, choose the one that is new to you.

尝试新事物 —— 若想得到不同结果,你就得尝试不同事物。今天就开始尝试点新花样吧。做点你平时不会去做的事情。倘若你有两种选择,何不选择新奇的那个呢?

4. Stretch Your Limits – Going through the motions means that you aren’t pushing yourself. You are stronger than you even know, but until you test yourself, you will not know your true capabilities.
挑战极限 —— “做一天和尚撞一天钟”说明你对自己不够严格。你远比自己想象的坚强,但只有当你经历了挑战,你才会知道自己的真正实力。

5. Talk to Someone… Else - If you always talk to the same people, you are always going to have the same conversations. Who is the person that you always see at work, but never talk to? Engage them today. They might just be someone who you want to know, either personally or professionally.
找其他人聊天 —— 总是和同样的人谈话,那谈话的内容也总是差不多吧。你工作时常常碰见却很少交谈的人是谁?今天就试着跟他们聊聊吧。或许他们正是你私下里或工作上想要了解的人呢。

6. Learn Something – If you don’t want to always be doing the same things, you have to learn new skills. Learn something new every single day.
日有所获 —— 不想重复同样的事情?那你可得学点新技能了。每天试着学点新东西吧。

7. Choose Your Own Path – We often forget that we have a choice in our path. Rather than just repeating the course where everyone else has gone before us, blaze your own path.
走自己的路 —— 我们总是忘了自己有权选择自己的道路。我们不必重蹈他人的覆辙。所以,请闯出你自己的道路吧。

Ensure that you aren’t just going through the motions today. We all have limited time in our days and lives. Don’t settle for the same old. Choose to do something new, and always give it your best.