Cap Gutt

Gutt is the main antagonist of the fourth film. He is a self-styled master and pirate captain of the high seas. As a hostile ape, Gutt showed a short temper and anger in a flash when provoked, and was capable of grim humour at the expense of others.
黑心肝船长(Cap Gutt):Gutt是第四部的主要反派角色。他是一个很有个性的公海首领和海盗船长。作为主角们的敌人,这只猿猴脾气暴躁、一触即发,时常以他人为代价展现冷酷无情的幽默。


Shira appear in Ice Age: Continental Drift, She is part of Gutt's crew, and the captain's former first mate.


Flynn is a 4000 pound English elephant seal with a heart of gold and a head of sand. He is as passionate about being a pirate as he is clueless and a bit dimwitted.


This tough, prehistoric Aussie Sheila kangaroo, is the crew's resident weapons expert, hiding an arsenal of deadly bone swords in herpouch.


Squint packs an amazing amount of crazy into his diminutive, prehistoric rabbit frame.


Perpetually perched on Capt. Gutt's shoulder, this bird from the south of France packs a surprisingly dangerous airborne punch when he's not scouting out trouble ahead.


A Bengali badger, he is an extremely useful member of the crew since the fur pattern on his back resembles a skull andcrossbones allowing the crew to use him as their flag.

Sid's Family

Sid gets a surprise with the return of his dysfunctional relatives whoditched him in the first Ice Age - Sid's father, Milton, hismelodramatic mother, Eunice, his brother, Marshall, and his hygienicallychallenged Uncle Fungus, all breeze into the herd just long enough to dump their 80-year-old Granny for Sid to take care of.
树懒希德的家人(Sid’s Family):Sid很惊讶,那些在第一次冰河期遗弃他的不正常的家人又回来了——包括Sid的爸爸Milton、感情夸张的妈妈Eunice以及卫生习惯有问题的叔叔Fungus。他们进入了兽群,刚好把80岁的姥姥丢给Sid照顾。


Sid's grandmother becomes a lage part of the adventure after accidentallystowing away on the barge with Manny and the gang as they head out to sea.
希德的姥姥(Sid's grandmother):她在不小心偷渡上船、与Manny一行人出海后,就成为整个冒险不可或缺的一部分。