If you've been drinking the juice, you're ready to drink the water. Apple water is designed especially for the Apple connoisseur: beautifully packaged, easy to drink, and perfectly overpriced. A magical blend of hydrogen and oxygen, Apple water says everything they need to know about you.
如果你一直在喝果汁,那你一定非常乐意尝试一下这个纯净水。Apple Water就是专门为使用苹果公司产品的内行人士量身定制的:漂亮的包装,简单的方式,完美的高价。氢与氧的完美结合,Apple Water 可以说能满足你所有的需要。

Optional ingestion vessel. Drink from an Apple-designed container in this unique "cup" design. Only $2.99.

Built-in display. Temperature-sensitive logo shifts from red to blue when Apple Water has reached Steve Jobs' favorite drinking temperature.
内置显示:带有内置温度感应器的苹果图标,在水温达到Steve Jobs最喜欢的水温时,就会从红色转变为蓝色。

Molecular perfection. Literally twice as many hydrogen atoms as there are oxygen atoms.

Instant waterfication. Apple's Quarter Twist technology ensures that you never have twist the cap more than 90 degrees.

A perfect grasp every time. No slipping or sliding. The Apple Water enclosure is ribbed for greater satisfacion.

Tip-resistant bottle. Apple water's revolutionary base remains upright with up to 4.6 pounds of lateral pressure.
不会倾倒的瓶子:Apple Water革命性的瓶底设计让瓶底始终受到4.6磅的压力。

【沪江小编】Apple Water:苹果牌纯净水,延续苹果产品简单有效的理念,零售价9.99美元,你会买吗?点击查看苹果牌纯净水大图>>>