Can the humble book really be improved upon?




Some say printed words have been responsible for the Renaissance, religious reformations and revolutions. Now, books, pamphlets and newspapers are experiencing a revolution of their own – the electronic revolution.

Mini libraries on the go
Every year, electronic books are capturing more and more of the printed page market – and for some good reasons. The first and most obvious is the huge capacity that an e-book reader has. With this hand-held gadget – no bigger than an ordinary hardcover book – you can carry around bookshelves worth of books under your arm!

What's to read?
In addition to thousands of classic titles, the amount of new, instantly available digital material is impressive and growing. For example, 100 of the 112 titles on the current New York Times bestseller list are available in e-book editions – at less than their hardcover prices. And now, e-book readers are being coupled with wireless technology to provide access to an even greater selection, including daily newspapers and weekly magazines.

No strain
Aging eyes will appreciate the e-book reader's enlargeable font size and special e-ink, an invention that makes e-book text clear and easy on the eyes.

Don't resist the revolution! E-books are here to stay!

Word Bank:


Renaissance(n.) 文艺复兴
The Renaissance was a period of renewed interest in art, science and literature.

pamphlet(n.) 小册子
After Joan got off the plane, she got a pamphlet which explains the local bus routes.

gadget(n.) (精巧的)小器具
Julie always buys the latest kitchen gadgets to help make the job of cooking easier.

strain(n.) 吃力,使劲
Be careful! Lifting those heavy boxes can put too much strain on your back muscles.


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