The shift from college to real life can be a tough one, but if you're able to maintain a positive outlook, it can also be a fun, exciting time. Hoping to amp up your optimism and get ahead? You'll thrive during the postgrad transition by following these mood-boosting tips:

Connect With Fellow Grads

After four years of roommates, cafeterias, and constant companions, the postgrad life can feel like an awfully lonely road. Feeling a little lost? Look for someone who truly understands what you're going through and reach out to friends who can offer an empathetic ear.

Build a Professional Network

Finding a job can definitely be stressful, so make the task easier on yourself by establishing a strong network of young professionals. The more people you know, the more likely you are to have a valuable, job-securing connection. Begin by reaching out via LinkedIn or Facebook, then send an email to friends and parents who may be able to help. Every little effort will make you feel productive and just a bit more self-assured.
找工作无疑会让你压力巨大,建立一个年轻专业人员的强大网络会让你的求职变得容易些。你认识的人越多,你就越有可能获得一种有价值的关系,这将有助于你找到工作。刚开始可以在商务化人际关系网(LinkedIn) 或社交网络(Facebook)上寻找联系人,之后可以给可能会帮助你的朋友和父母发电子邮件。每一点努力都会让你感到成就感,也会让你多一份自信。

Learn From the Experts

Feeling defeated and uninspired? Do a bit of research to find local lectures related to your field. Attend panels, join job-related groups, and read as much as possible about the industry you hope to join. Taking a few (or several) steps in the right direction will reinvigorate your professional passions and kick-start your enthusiasm.

Remember to Look Forward

It's only natural to get nostalgic every once in a while, but don't let yourself long for the glory days too often. Instead, map out your dream life. Decide where you want to be in five, 10, 15 years, then create an inspiration board to keep your eyes on the prize.

Take Steps Toward Your Goal

It's easy to say what you want, but real happiness comes from acting on that desire. Fantasize about your future as an event planner? Throw parties to showcase your talent, start a blog to build a following, and reach out to experts to find a mentor you respect. Gaining credibility is sure to strengthen your confidence, so you'll be back on the optimistic path in no time.

The bottom line: Transitions aren't easy, so it's important to cut yourself some slack as you move through the gray area. Tuck away the scrapbooks for another time, and for now, just remember to stay connected, put yourself out there, and focus on the bright future that lies ahead of you.