1. Sydney is an important commercial, industrial and tourist center on the south-east coast of Australia. It is Australia’s largest city with a population of more than 3 million.


2. For those who worry too much about their future, my advice is to live for the present, find some joy in each day, and help others in need.


3. A woman lawyer has some advantages in the court. For example, if my client is a woman who claim rights from her divorced husband, a woman lawyer can understand better and do a better job.


4. Researchers suggest that playing video games has similar effects to observing violent television content. Children imitate the aggressive actions from a video game just as they imitate violent television content.


5. Every day, Americans use 450 billion gallons of water, such amount would cover New York City to a depth of 96 feet. We must remember that water is not inexhaustible on earth.