1. My computer doesn’t seem to be working. I have lots of e-mail letters that I have to reply this afternoon. can I use the one over there on the desk?

2. We had little choice about when to send the bidding documents. Yesterday was too soon to send it, and tomorrow will be too late.

3. Alice has been offered the manager’s job. Although she has hardly any relevant working experience, this is a big surprise even for herself.

4. You can learn something about a place by reading a travel book. But you will be more interested and more fascinated when you actually travel there.

5. There are many challenges we face today, but time permits me to concentrate on only one question. That is where shall we get the money for our new investment project?

6. I regret to say that we are still unable to send the goods you ordered. But we’d like to emphasize that the delay is entirely due to the circumstances beyond our control.

7. Rather than taking a chance on being grounded at the airport because of the impending strike, we decided to take the slower but surer route and arrived at Kansas City.

8. Sally turned down both the auditor’s job and the local school accountant job. The former involved working in the city, and the latter offered a very low pay.

9. A number of houses along the elevated subway route have been torn down, so as to make room for two new highways that are being built.

10. Today, it is as difficult for us to imagine family life without information technology as it would have been for our parents to imagine family life without electricity.