2005 National English Contest for College Students

Speaking Test

(Level A-Sample)


Part III Talk about the pictures. (3 minutes)

Part IV Read the passage aloud first, and then answer some questions.(3 minutes)

Writing a Story

Where do you start if you want to write a successful story? Clearly, what you need first of all is an idea which you can develop into a strong plot. But where do ideas like this come from? The answer is "anywhere and everywhere." They may come from something that has happened to you or to someone else, from a newspaper, an interesting picture, or even a song. It's a good idea to keep a notebook nearby so that you can write down the details of any odd incidents which catch your imagination. Make a note of ideas for titles too, and any special phrases or descriptions that you think of. A small tape recorder can prove useful for this purpose. Some writers even keep one by their bed in case they wake up with the "idea of the century".

Another method of developing the story is to make use of the characters themselves. Why not try putting three people you know well into a situation such as a wedding, where feelings may be very strong, and see what happens. But don't make the final characters too much like your Aunt Jane or Uncle Jim or you may find yourself in real trouble.