Cell Phones and Airplanes

Should cell phones be allowed on commercial plane flights?



Everything except cell phones?
The number of cell phone users is up,as is the number of people who travel by air. Taking these numbers into account, it seems reasonable that travelers should be able to use their cell phones while flying, but they can't. They , however, use MP3 players, laptop computers, electric shavers and hearing aids. Thousands, if not millions , of frustrated travelers are asking, "if these other electronic devices are allowed, why not cell phones?" In certain countries, even after years of delibrations, authorities simply remain unconvined that in-flight cell phone use is safe.

The precedent is set
In other parts of the world, however, those responsible for keeping ariwaves clog-free and skies safe are satisfied with the latest advances in telecommunication technology. In fact, from Europe to Asia some airlines are in the process of equipping their planes with the technology needed for the safe use of cell phones.

Talk-free zones
And to answer the criticism that allowing cell phones on flights would invade other passengers' personal space, just look at train travel in Europe. There, certain cars have designated quiet zones where cell phone use is discouraged. Why not have the same simple arrangement for flights?

Word Bank:

deliberations (pl n) 深思熟虑
After two days of deliberations, the jury decided the man was guilty.

precedent (n) 先例
The teacher failed Ben after he cheated on the exam, which set a precedent for the class.

clog-free (adj) 畅通无阻的
The chemical in this cleaner will leave your drain clog-free

designated (adj) 指定的,被标示为...的
The restaurant has a designated non-smoking area in the front.  


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