Conversation A
(Jack and Laura are shopping for a new refrigerator.)

Jack: Hey Laura, what do you think of this refrigerator?
Laura: I really like it! It dispenses ice and water in the door. I’ve always wanted one like that. And you know, I like that dishwasher too. It’s also on sale.
Jack: Let’s see if the sales clerk will give us a good deal if we buy both items.
(A salesman comes over to them.)
Clerk: Have you found something you like? Can I answer any questions for you?
Jack: Yes. If we buy this refrigerator and that dishwasher, can we get a better price?
Clerk: Sure. If you buy both, I’ll give you &100 off.
Laura: Sounds good to me. We’ll take them!

Conversation B
(Jack and Laura want to buy an item at a store, but they can’t find it.)

Jack: (to a clerk) Excuse me! Where are the alarm clocks that are on sale?
Clerk: If we have any in stock, they would be on the bottom shelf right here. Let’s check… uh-oh, I’m afraid we’re all sold out.
Laure: Oh. Can we get a rain check?
Clerk: Sure. Just ask the cashier at the front of the store.
Jack: Can we use the rain check anytime?
Clerk: No. The cashier will put a date on it. You have to use the rain check before that date.
Laura: OK, thanks for letting us know, and thanks for your help.
Clerk: You’re welcome.

Word Bank:

Give someone a good deal (idiom)给某人优惠;给某人便宜
The store gave me a great deal on these books! I can’t believe how cheap they were.

[amount of money] off (prep)便宜(多少钱); 折价
Hey, this coat is &20 off the regular price. Let’s buy it.

In stock (idiom)有现货
Do you have any more of these brown shoes in stock?

Shelf (n)架子
I keep my dictionary on the bottom shelf where it’s easy to reach.


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