The 100th episode of Gossip Girl features Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) walking down the aisle, and suffice to say, it's possibly the most divine-looking wedding party TV has ever seen. So how'd they do it?

We chatted exclusively with Gossip Girl wardrobe designer Eric Damon and the designer of all the girls' gowns, Vera Wang, for all the scoop, along with a detailed look at Blair's two wedding dresses!
今天我们就邀请来《绯闻女孩》的总服装师Eric Damon以及为婚典中女孩们所有的礼服设计的Vera Wang。让他们带领我们一同来仔细研究研究Blair的两件婚纱! 

Wang makes an appearance in the wedding episode and cracks that it's "the beginning and end of my television career!" She admits to repeatedly flubbing her lines and says with a laugh, "I don't know, maybe I was just so in awe of looking at Leighton in the dress. She kind of just blew my mind away when she first walked onto the set!"
大设计师Vera Wang也会在这一集中露脸。她笑称:“这是她电视事业的开端也是终点!”她承认最近的作品表现不佳,笑着说:“我不知道,也许是莉顿·梅斯特穿着婚纱的样子太今人敬畏了。第一次看她穿着我设计的婚纱出来的时候,我的脑袋一片空白!”

Blair and Serena's (Blake Lively) dresses—which were designed by Vera (a self-professed, longtime Gossip Girl fan) and chosen by G.G.'s stylist extraordinaire, Eric Damon—were specifically chosen to suit their personalities.
这集中Blair以及Serena的礼服都出自大设计师Vera Wang之手。Vera是个资深的GG迷哦!《绯闻女孩》的总服装师、造型师Eric Damon根据每个角色的个性悉心挑选了礼服!

"Blair Waldorf is an American princess," Damon explains. "So for me, [her wedding dress] had to be very tailored and very modern, but also have a very classic kind of Old World sense to it." He reveals they struggled deciding between two dresses, and in the end they were able to use both on the show.
“Blair 是个美国公主,”Damon解释到,“所以对我来说,她的礼服必须要非常精致非常摩登时尚,但是仍旧要保持她一贯经典考究的复古感。”他承认他们在两件婚纱间纠结了很久,最后两件婚纱都出现在了电视中。

"I couldn't take my eyes off of her," Wang tells us. "I think what Leighton brought to the wedding gowns was a very easy sensibility to dress, and that's what I strive for with every fashion show and every red carpet outing."
“我无法将我的视线从她的身上移开,”Vera Wang告诉我们:“我觉得莉顿·梅斯特给了婚纱一种非常轻松舒适的感觉,这是我在每场时装秀会是红毯上都想要追求的!”