1. At the annual general meeting, the board chairman of the company outlined the development strategy for the next 5 years.

2. You needn’t notify the maintenance office about the fixing of the faucet in the washroom. I can get Tom to take care of it. He is really handy.

3. Although the accountant promised to help by all he could, the auditor called into question the accuracy of the figures in the books.

4. We have carefully checked your qualifications and decided that we need someone with more office experience. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

5. The sales of Vitamin E, helped by the testimony of health food expert, and a number of leading medical authorities, have doubled in the past 5 years.

6. An average American male is expected to live 75.4 years, while the life expectancy of a female can be 80.4 years.

7. For many people in large cities, the reasons against owning a private car outweigh the reasons for owning one. Therefore, the answer is negative.

8. To believe that our company can be little affected or even immune to the current economic crisis is to ignore the most basic principles of trade and commerce.

9. At college, Betty receives a monthly allowance of $650 from home. She also earns $350 a month in her part-time job. And she spends about 80% of her income for daily expenses.

10. Some businesses, organizations and government agencies provide employees with the opportunities to progress to higher positions with higher salaries. The higher position an individual occupies, the more responsibilities it brings.

1. 公司董事会主席制定5年计划。句子短,难度也小

2. 注意needn't,与下句I will find... 相呼应,Handy 。难度小

3. 注意although的转折意思。短语call into question表示对...怀疑。难度适中。

4. 拒绝职位申请的通俗表达,没有生僻词。难度小

5. 关于维生素E的销售话题。因为主句间有插入成分,所以难度稍大。主句表达了销量增加的情况,而插入句交待了销量增加的原因。难度适中

6. 讲美国男女平均寿命长度,重点在数字。难度小

7. 讲大城市,人们对私家车的态度比较。注意outweigh。难度小

8. 有关金融危机的话题。关键句型to believe... is to ignore...。immune对...免疫,也就是表示完全不受金融危机影响。

9. 必考的计算题,关键在数字的听写和加减法。难度小。

10. 关于晋升的话题。“能力越强,职位越高,薪水越多,责任越大”