sentence translation

1. Sydney is a very modern city, but it also has many places of historical interest. In the downtown district, you can still see some old houses that were ever built here.

2. For me, a car is a comfortable way to travel especially in the winter time, if I took a bus or train, I might have to stand in the rain or in the snow.

3. If you work in the United States, you'd better find out the local sports teams, thus you can participate in the almost inevitable discussions about how our team will do this year.

4. I have more than 25 years of editing experience, and have edited over 300 publish novels and text books, I think I'm qualified for the post of editing manager.

5. Traditionally, men have had poor diets, less exercise and smoked more than women, these differences in life style and personal habits help explain why more men than women die of heart disease.


2. 对于我来说,小汽车是方便的出行方式,尤其是在冬天。如果我搭公交车或乘火车,我有可能就要在风雪中站着等了。

3. 如果你在美国工作,你最好找到当地的体育队,这样,你就可以参与进那些几乎不可避免的关于今年我们的队伍该如何表现的讨论。

4. 我有超过25年多的编辑经验,编辑过300多本已出版的小说和教材,我认为我能够胜任编辑经理的职位。

5. 从传统上来看,男性的饮食没有女性饮食健康,比女性运动更少,吸烟也较女性更多,这些生活方式和个人习惯的不同有助于解释为什么男性比女性更易死于心脏病。


1. 对悉尼城市的介绍。现代城区仍见历史古迹。翻译难度小。

2. 选择car出行的原因,同时也给出了bus和train的弊端。难度小。

3. 在美国工作,也要关注运动队。前两句难度小,但会让考生感觉工作,和当地运动队表现有什么关系?答案就是最后一句,关键词是participate in,discussion,难词:inevitable。

4. 一个应聘主编岗位的经验自述。难度小,但出现了more than和over,所以要注意两个数字翻译的准确性。关键词:editing,post。

5. 男性心脏病发病率高于女性的原因:饮食、锻炼、生活方式、个人习惯。难度适中,注意并列成分的翻译。