Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of Thomson Airways and my crew, welcome on board. I would ask that you please give me full attention as I run through the safety procedures on board this aircraft.

Your safety belt must be fastened whenever the seat belt signs are on. Your seat belt is fastened, adjusted and unfastened like this. We recommend that you keep your seat belt securely fastened and visible at all times. In the unlikely event of the aircraft having to make an emergency landing you must adopt the brace position. Demonstrated on your safety card.

There are 8 emergency exits. Your nearest exit, which may be behind you, is being pointed out to you now by your cabin crew. Additional low level lighting will help you find your way to the exits.

Opening the door in an emergency will automatically inflate the evacuation slides. The slides at the main doors can be used as flotation aids. Your life jacket is located under your seat or beneath your centre armrest.

When instructed ,place it over your head .Pass the tapes around your waist and tie securely in a double bow on your left side. Do not inflate your lifejacket until you are outside the aircraft. To inflate pull the red toggle sharply downwards.

If it fails to inflate ,or you need to top up the air ,blow into this tube. A light and whistle are provided to attract attention. Additional life jackets and flotation cots for small children and babies will be given out by the cabin crew.

If oxygen is needed, masks will drop down from the panel just above your head. Pulling the mask down will start the flow of oxygen. Put the mask over your nose and mouth and breathe normally. Make sure that your own mask is fitted before helping others.

Ensure your mobile phone is turned off throughout the flight and all other electronic equipment is off for take off. Please ensure luggage is not blocking the aisles or exits. Luggage can be placed under the seat in front of you, or in the overhead compartment.

Take care when placing items, as when opened, they may fall out and injure other passengers. Please ensure your seat belt is securely fastened, your seat back upright, and your tray table is folded away.

We strongly recommend that you now take a moment to read the safety card before take-off. This is in your seat area and shows the brace position, exits, life jackets and oxygen. That ‘s it from us. Enjoy the fight!