Beauty contests were once considered unacceptable in China. But these days attitudes have relaxed, and they are becoming far more common sight.

The first beauty pageant since the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949 was held in 1985 in the southern city of Guangzhou. There were both male and female participants who were not only judged by their looks.

They also had to take written exams, testing their knowledge of politics, literature, history and even maths. 2003 was known as "China's Year of Beauty Pageants" when at least seven national and global contests were held across the country, among them The 53rd Miss World.

106 contestants competed for the crown, which was at the time the most in the event's history. China's Guan Qi finished third, again at the time, the best performance ever by a Chinese entrant.


Beauty contests:选美,选美比赛
common sight:司空见惯
beauty pageant:选美活动
The 53rd Miss World:第53届世界小姐