Suddenly they saw Angel Clare approaching. He had seen them from far away, and had come to help them, one of them in particular

解析:approach 作动词,意为接近、靠近;作名词意为方法、途径、接近
eg: A storm is approaching.

‘I'll carry you through the water, all of you,’he offered.All four blushed as if they had one heart.

解析:offer 提供;出价;意图
eg: He offered me a glass of wine.

‘Now, Marian, put your arms round my shoulders. Hold on!’ and Angel walked off with her in his arms. Next was lzz Huett.Her lips were dry with emotion. Angel returned for Retty. While he was picking her up, he glanced at Tess. He could not have said more plainly,‘ It will soon be you and I.’There was an understanding between them.

解析:shoulder 作名词,肩膀、肩部;作动词,肩负、承担
eg: Her bag hangs over her shoulder.

plainly 明白地、坦率地、平坦地
eg: Plainly, the problem is far from solved.

It was now Tess's turn. He picked her up. She was embarrassed to discover her excitement at his nearness

‘Three plain girls to get one beauty,’he whispered.