Minutes of the Meeting of the Capital Improverments Committee

The Foster Lash Company, Inc

October 8,2004

Presiding: Paticia Stuart

Present: Mike Negron

Sheila Glun

Ellen Frankin

Absent: Fred Hoffman

Gina Marino

The weekly meeting of the Capital Improvement Committee of the Foster Lash Company was called to order at 11am in the conference room by Mr. Stuart. The minutes of the meeting of October 1 were read by Mr. Negron and approved

The main discussion of the meeting concerned major equipment that should be purchased by the end of the year. Among the proposals were these:

Mr Woo presented information regarding three varieties of office copying machines. On the basis of her cost-benefit analysis and relative performance statistics, it was decided, by majority vote, to recommend the purchase of a CBM X-12 copier

Mr. Browne presented a request from the secretarial staff for new typewriters. Several secretaries have complained of major and frequent breakdowns of their old machines. Mr. Franklin and Mr. Browne are to further investigate the need for new typewriters and prepare a cost comparison of new equipment versus repairs

The committee will discuss the advisablity of upgrading account executives’ personal computers. The report will be presented by Sheila Glun at the next meeting, to be held on October 15,2004 , at 11 am in the conference room

The meeting adjourned at 11:45 am

Respectfully submitted

Ellen Franklin, Secretary