9  O liver starts another life
9  奥利弗开始了另一种生活

In a comfortable, pleasant sitting-room, the two ladies of the house waited anxiously for the doctor and the police to arrive. The owner of the house, Mrs May lie, was an older woman, but her niece, Rose, was a girl of seventeen, whose quiet beauty and gentle charm won all hearts.

解析:anxiously 不安地、焦虑地
形容词为anxious 焦虑的、忧虑的、担心的
eg: He is anciously waiting for your reply outside.

As soon as the doctor arrived, he ran breathlessly into the house and burst into the room without knocking. He was clearly a good friend of the ladies.

解析:短语burst into 闯入、冲进、突然进入;突然爆发
eg: The
mob burst into the office ranting and raving.

'I never heard of such a dreadful thing! You should both be dead of fright! he said to Mrs May lie. 'In the silence of the night, too! Are you both all right? Why didn't you send for me at once? '

解析:dreadful 可怕的、恐怖的;糟透了的
eg: It is a dreadful experience for Linda.

'We are quite all right, said Rose, smiling. 'But there's an injured boy upstairs whom aunt wants you to see. '

Dr Losberne went up to examine O liver, and was there for some time He came down looking rather puzzled, and asked the two ladies to see the boy with him.

解析:puzzled 困惑的、茫然的、搞糊涂的
动词原形是puzzle 使迷惑、使困惑
eg: He was puzzled by Jim's reaction.