'I like the sound of it, Noah, but how are we going to do all this?' asked Charlotte.

'We can meet people who know about these things. I'd like to be the leader of some gang, if there's a good profit to be made in that kind of work. 'Noah felt very pleased with himself, and looked forward to an easy life of crime in the capital.

解析:gang 一帮、一伙(流氓、匪徒、抢劫犯等)
The gang robbed an old women.

profit 作名词意思是利益、利润;作动词意为有利于…… 文中的“profit”是名词
eg: The painting was sold at a profit.

They talked about their plans for a few minutes. Then a stranger, who had been sitting unseen round the corner, came up to them. The stranger was Fagin. He greeted them in a very friendly and cheerful way, sat down with them, and immediately ordered more beer for Noah.

解析:greet 向……打招呼、致意
eg: She greeted him with a smile.

'That's good beer,' said Noah, already a little drunk. He thanked the stranger for the drink.

'Expensive, too,' said Fagin. 'If you drink that everyday, my dear, you'll need to empty pockets, houses, coaches, even banks.'

解析:empty 我们通常见到的用法是作形容词,意思是空的;empty还可以做动词,意思是使……空掉,清空、除去
eg: We emptied the bottle.

When he heard his own words repeated, Noah went pale with terror. The stranger must have heard everything, even how they had robbed Mr Sower berry!

解析:terror 恐怖、恐惧
eg: She stood up in a sudden
impulse of terror.