(1) Milly is getting fat. She is having puppies.

(2) One night, Milly has seven tiny puppies. I tell Mommy I have to keep them all. Mommy says, "That would be too many puppies."

(3) The puppies grow fast. I watch them all day because I'm keeping all the puppies. "No way," says Mommy.

(4) Now these puppies are really big! I help feed them now so Milly can take a rest.

(5) The puppies bark loudly, and they make a mess! It seems as if I am always cleaning up after them.

(6) It's time to take the puppies to the vet. It takes a long time to get one, two, three, four, five, six, seven puppies into the car. Mommy is right! We have too many puppies!

(7) Today the people come for their puppies. I give each person a perfect puppy.

(8) I feel sad about the puppies. But I am so happy for Milly, the most wonderful dog in the world!