(1) “What about the news?” says Papa. “I won’t know what’s going on in the world if I don’t watch the TV news!” “Here, try this,” says Mama. “It’s called the newspaper.”

(2) “What about the weather?” says Papa. "Try this," says Mama. "Put your hand out of the window to see if it's raining."

(3) "What should we do just sit around and talk?" asks Brother."That would be great," says Mama. But Papa falls asleep soon. "Now, go out to ride bikes," says Mama. Brother and Sister have a good time.

(4) That night, Brother and Sister do their homework. Papa reads the newspaper. They can't help looking at the TV. Of course they can't watch it. It's a hard time for them!

(5) Later, Mama asks them out to watch stars. "I see a star!" cries Sister. She finds the first star. After a while, the sky is full of stars. The whole family are very happy.

(6) Without TV, the Bear family still have many fun things to do. They go on a walk and watch tadpoles swim. They watch a spider spin a web.

(7) Papa misses his TV. In the middle of a night, he sneaks downstairs to watch a movie. Mama, Brother and Sister stop him just in time.

(8) The no-TV week is over. Papa is watching TV again. But Brother and Sister are more interested in their games. Now, they are having more fun every day.