It's often said that a dog is a man's best friend. But in our next story, we see how a blind girl regained hope for life after losing her father, with the help of a guide dog named Sherry.

Lin Yan says her life has changed since meeting her guide dog Sherry.

Sherry assists Lin Yan climb the stairs, go for walks and negotiating the subway system.

Lin said, "My life is different with Sherry. It became full of joy and hope. She's more than a dog -- she's part of my family, and a true friend."

Fourteen years ago, Lin Yan lost her sight in an operation to correct near-sightedness. Her father quit his job to take care of her, while her mother became the sole bread-winner. After she graduated from a special school for people with visual disabilities, her father emptied his wallet and set up a blind massage parlor, named after his daughter.

But four years later, he died of a heart attack. Lin Yan retreated within herself, often turning to alcohol to ease the pain. Then a phone call brought her out of her solitude.

Lin said, "Someone said to me on the phone, `Hi, we're with the Guide-Dog Training Base in Dalian.` I was so excited. I wanted to be more independent and walk out of this fog."

She spent 20 days with Sherry at the base and the two came back home together.

They became inseparable. And with her new-found confidence, Lin Yan started to explore her potential.

Lin said, "I never thought I could cook. But I'm doing it now for Sherry."

Life still has its difficulties, like going to a supermarket.

Some customers would question our service if we let a dog into the market.

Then where do you think I should go shopping? I have to have her when I go out.

Li said, "I hope that people could realize that guide dogs are the eyes for the blind."

With the help of audio software that can read what's on the screen, Lin Yan started a blog for Sherry to tell others their stories.

It's been 8 months since they got together. Lin Yan says she cherishes every second of it.

Lin said, "I think Sherry is a miracle in my life. I'm so afraid of losing her. I want to create another miracle to make her the longest living dog on earth."


negotiating the subway system:艰难地穿过地铁
the sole bread-winner:唯一的经济支柱
blind massage parlor:盲人按摩院
audio software:音频软件