The trend toward rationality and enlightenment was endan-gered long before the advent of the World Wide Web.

46.A)It initiated a change from dominance of reason to su-premacy of pleasure.

47.D)It is conducive to critical thinking.

48.D) It has rendered their interactions more superficial.

49.c) It was viewed as a means to quest for knowledge.

50.B)They are constantly seeking approval from their audi-ence.

According to a recent study,a small but growing proportion of the workforce is affected to some degree by a sense of entitlement.

51.B)They feel they deserve more than they get.

52.B)They were spoiled when growing up.

53.D) Seek ways to sustain their motivation.

54.C)They convey their requirements in a straightforward way.

55.A)Those who can be counted on to fulfill commitments