1.A) See the Pope.
2.D) He ended up in the wrong place.

3.C) Glasgow has pledged to take the lead in reducing carbon emissions in the UK.
4.A) Glasgow needs to invest in new technologies to reach its goal.

5.B) It permits employees to boring cats into their offices.
6.B) Rescue homeless cats.
7.C)it has let some other companies to folow suit.

8.A) Find out where is Jimmy.
9.B) He was working on a project with Jimmy.
10.C) He was involved a traffic accident
11.D) He wanted to conceal something from his parents.
12.B) Shoppingonline.
13.D) Getting one's car parked.
14.C) The quality of food products.
15.A) It saves money.

16.D) They have strong negative emotions towards math
17.B) It affects low performing children only.
18.A) Most of them have average to strong math ability.
19.C) Addiction to computer games is a disease.
20.A) They prioritize their favored activity over wha they should do.
21.D) There is not enough evidence to classify it as a disease.
22.C) They are a shade of red bordering on brown.
23.D) They must follow some common standards.
24.B)They look more official.
25.D)For security.