36. M) Although online retailing has existed for some twenty years, nearly half of the internet retailers still fail to receive satisfactory feedback from consumers, according to a recent survey.

37. G) Innovative retailers integrate internet technologies with conventional retailing to create new retail models.

38. D) Despite what the Census data suggest, the value of physical retail's stocks has been dropping.

39. I) Internet-driven changes in the retail industry didn't take place as quickly as widely anticipated.

40. C) Statistics indicate that brick and mortar sales still make up the lion's share of the retail business.

41. H) Companies that successfully combine online and offline business models may prove to be a big concern for traditional retailers.

42. F) Brick and mortar retailers' faith in their business was strengthened when the dot.com bubble burst.

43. O) Despite the tremendous challenges from online retailing, traditional retailing will be here to stay for quite some time.

44. A) With the rise of online commerce, physical retail stores are likely to suffer the same fate as the yellow pages.

45. K) The wide use of smartphones has made it more complex for traditional retailers to reinvent their business.