The founders of Dolce & Gabbana, in a video posted online, are asking for forgiveness as the backlash over racist ads only grows.

Friday's mea culpa comes after a week-long public relations debacle, where customers and e-commerce platforms called the fashion line out for a series of commercials featuring a Chinese woman trying to use chopsticks to eat various Italian foods.

The situation got much worse when Instagram screenshots surfaced of cofounder Stefano Gabbana making racist comments about Chinese people (the company insists his account was hacked).

The fallout has been fast and furious. A major fashion show in Shanghai was canceled , e-commerce platforms like Alibaba and took down many of the company's pages, and fashionistas around the world were appalled.

Now, the two founders are begging forgiveness… sort of.

“Our families have always taught us to respect various cultures in all the world, and this is why we want to ask for your forgiveness if we have made mistakes in interpreting yours,” said Domenico Dolce in the video. He went on: “We have always been in love with China. We've visited it and seen many of its cities. We love your culture and certainly have much to learn. That is why we are sorry if we made mistakes in the way we expressed ourselves.”
“我们的家人一直教育我们尊重世界各地的各种文化,所以如果我们错误地解读了你们的文化,我们想要请求你的原谅, ”Domenico Dolce在视频中说道。他接着说:“我们一直爱着中国。我们去过中国的很多城市。我们热爱中国文化,当然我们还有很多需要学习的东西。所以如果我们错误地表达了自己,我们非常抱歉。

“ It's almost an apology—but not quite. The founder asks for forgiveness… that is, if people were offended by his company's actions. Gabbana piped in, “we will never forget this experience and it will certainly never happen again.”
这几乎是道歉 - 但并不是。品牌创始人要求宽恕......如果人们认为自己被公司的行为所冒犯的话。 Gabbana说,“我们永远不会忘记这次经历,我们不会再让这种事情发生。”

In effect, the company made a blunder that had an impact on its bottom line. Now the founders are apologizing if people misunderstood the way they expressed themselves. It's the ultimate non-apology; I'm sorry you were offended, instead of I'm sorry for what I did.