[00:00.00]Unit 3 People I like
[00:21.84]Say and act
[00:23.82]A new friend
[00:26.07]Hi,I'm Ben.Hi,I'm Mark.How old are you?I'm ten.
[00:34.35]I'm ten too.Who's she?She's my sister.
[00:40.36]Her name's Kitty.She's eight.Kitty,this is Mark.
[00:47.23]Hi,Mark.Hi,Kitty.This is Alice.
[00:51.72]She's my friend.She's eight,too.
[00:54.73]Hi,Alice. Hi.This is Sam.He's my dog.
[01:00.60]He's two.
[01:02.43]Look and say
[01:06.95]Hi,Mum.How are you?I'm fine,thank you.
[01:17.98]I have two new friends Ben and Kitty.
[01:22.39]Ben is tall and thin.How old is Ben?He's ten.
[01:29.73]How old is Kitty?She's eight.Is Kitty tall?
[01:36.50]No.She's small.Ben has dog.He's two.
[01:44.41]He's black and white.What's his name?Sam
[01:51.31]Now listen
[02:47.76]Read and act a story
[02:51.65]Little Lucy
[02:54.50]Take this to Grandama,Little Lucy.
[02:59.44]Yes,Mother.Who's that?Little Lucy.
[03:22.27]Hello,Little Lucy.Grandma!Your ears are big!
[03:30.65]Yes,Little Lucy.Grandma!Your eyes are big!
[03:38.23]Yes,Little Lucy.Grandma!Your teeth are big!
[03:45.75]Yes,Little Lucy.Come here,Little Lucy.
[03:55.62]Father.It's a wolf!Go away!
[04:04.92]Where's Grandma?I don't know.Here she is.Grandma!
[04:19.37]Are you all right?I'm fine thank you.
[04:25.09]Go to bed,Grandma.Thank you,Little Lucy.
[04:34.70]Point,ask and answer
[04:38.52]Who are they?
[04:41.26]S1:Who's this?S2:This is ...?
[04:47.45]Learn the sound
[04:49.36]O The robot has a cold nose.
[04:55.34]Say and act
[04:59.44]Toys we like.May I come in?Come in,please.
[05:26.66]Hi,Kitty,What's in your hand?Oh,my beautiful doll.
[05:32.85]I like dolls.Do you like dolls?No,we don't like dolls
[05:41.37]What do you like?
[05:43.17]We like bears.Look!They are super!