[00:00.00]4 How people change
[00:21.29]Look and learn
[00:24.24]a baby
[00:28.89]a young child
[00:32.65]a child
[00:35.68]a teenager
[00:38.71]an adult
[00:41.74]Look and say
[00:44.67]This was you when you were a young child,Ben.
[00:51.23]How old was I then?
[00:55.30]You were about three years old.You went to kindergarten then.
[01:03.66]This was your father when he was a teenager.
[01:09.51]How old was he then?
[01:13.27]He was about fifteen years old.
[01:18.71]He went to secondary school then.
[01:22.94]Tommy Target
[01:27.30]This was you when you were about...
[01:32.16]How old was he then?
[01:41.54]A baby
[01:44.49]young child
[01:47.44]child learns to walk
[01:51.10]talk when...
[01:54.65]Now listen!
[04:17.07]Look and read