[00:00.00]3 My street
[00:21.50]Read a poem
[00:24.53]i live in Garden City,Near Moon Street.
[00:29.57]It's crowded with traffic.It's a busy street.
[00:34.72]There are a lot of people,
[00:38.77]And cars,buses and trams Move along slowly In big traffic jams.
[00:46.42]Look and learn
[00:49.48]a litter bin
[00:52.64]a pavement
[00:55.69]a lamp post
[01:01.81]a crossing
[01:04.84]a post box
[01:08.18]a bus-stop
[01:11.24]traffic lights
[01:14.50]Look and read
[01:20.25]Simon's journey to school
[01:23.62]1 I always leave my flat at half past seven.
[01:30.33]Then I walk to the nearest underground station.
[01:34.41]2 I get off the underground at Prince Station.Then I get on a bus.
[01:43.65]3 I sit on the bus for ten minutes.
[01:49.82]Then I get off at the bus-stop at Rose Garden Road.
[01:54.36]4 I walk to my school in Rose Garden Estate.
[02:00.84]I usually get there at eight o'clock.
[02:04.60]Look and say
[02:09.25]I go to school by...bus
[02:14.40]I go to school by...car
[02:18.16]I go to school by...taxi
[02:23.80]I go to school by...underground
[02:30.67]I go to school by...tram
[02:36.42]I go to school by...ferry
[02:41.88]I go to school by...minibus
[02:48.05]I go to school by...I go on foot.
[02:53.69]I go to school on foot,
[02:57.24]then by underground,
[03:01.00]then by bus,then on foot.
[03:04.76]Tommy Target
[03:08.24]Do you...?
[03:13.20]Can you see...?
[03:16.15]Did you...?
[03:18.82]Did you see...?
[03:22.16]get on
[03:25.04]get off
[03:28.27]take the underground to__go to___by underground
[03:35.75]Jane goes to school by underground,then by minibus,then on foot.