[00:34.40]1 Meet my family
[00:38.77]look and read
[00:59.66]1.HI!I'm Ben Li.Can you see my family?
[01:00.24]This is my sister,Kitty.
[01:03.58]These are my mother and father.This is my grandmother.
[01:09.04]We all live in the same flat.
[01:12.52]2.This is Ben's family.
[01:17.69]3.Ben,Kitty,Mr and Mrs Li and Grandma live in the same flat.
[01:28.03]It is in a new block in Rose Garden Estate.
[01:33.60]4.I'm thirteen years old.Kitty is eleven.
[01:42.45]We go to the same school,but we are not in the same class,
[01:48.10]Kitty is in Grade 6 and I'm in Grade 8.
[01:54.37]This is our dog.His name's Sam.
[02:02.52]Look and read
[02:08.47]Ben is young,but I'm younger.
[02:15.03]My grandmother is old,but your grandmother is older.
[02:23.07]I'm short,but Sam's shorter.
[02:29.24]Your dog is small,but mine is smaller.
[02:35.90]4 Look and read
[02:41.05]A big family
[02:43.82]How many people are there in your family?
[02:51.83]Your mother,your father,your grandfather,...
[02:57.29]That's right.
[03:00.25]I also have two older brothers and one younger sister in my family.
[03:07.51]There are only five people in my family.
[03:12.68]Your family is bigger than mine.
[03:17.64]That's right.Your family is smaller than mine.
[03:22.92]My dog is bigger than yours! Yes,it is!
[03:29.37]Read and say
[03:34.96]1 Simon,this is my mother.Mum,this is my friend,Simon.
[03:44.63]Hello,Simon.Nice to meet you.
[03:49.49]How do you do,Mrs Li?
[03:53.93]2 This is Mr Li,Simon.
[04:00.30]That's my father.Hello,Simon.
[04:04.95]How do you do,Mr Li?
[04:09.00]Look and learn
[04:13.57]I always go to the supermarket my mum.
[04:20.94]I usually go to the supermarket with my mum.
[04:28.98]I sometimes go to the supermarket with my mum.
[04:35.96]I never go to the supermarket with my mum.
[04:42.80]Tommy Target
[05:23.42]taller than
[05:26.69]older than
[05:29.85]shorter than
[05:33.09]younger than