The rapid development of today's society has aroused a heated discussion as to whether we should help others in the society. Views on the topic vary greatly among people from different walks of life, among which there goes a well-known saying: "Help others and you will be helped when you are in need", suggesting that we should try to help others kindly.

I totally agree with this saying for the reasons presented below. First, it is good for the whole society because if everyone in the society can give a hand to each other, it is more likely that the society will become more peaceful. Second, it is good for the person himself / herself. For example, if a person tries to help others when they have trouble, when he needs help, he can get help from other people. So, I totally agree with this saying.

From my perspective, it is crucial that modern education should encourage people to support each other. Also it is crucial that people should understand the meaning and value of helping each other. Only in this way can they build a harmonious society.