Fashion giant River Island has been adored by its loyal fans for its purse-friendly, catwalk-inspired designs. But despite widespread ridicule over Balenciaga's 'sleeping bag coat', the high street retailer has pushed ahead with its own version for its latest collection in collaboration with Ashish.
时尚巨头River Island(英国著名高街时尚品牌)因其低廉的价格以及仿T形台的时尚设计一直深受忠实粉丝们的喜爱。不过,虽然巴黎世家的“睡袋大衣”遭到了众人嘲笑,但River Island这家高街零售商还是与阿西施(时尚品牌)合作推出了其特有的新款“睡袋大衣”。

The edgy design, which has divided social media users, is a pink padded coat priced at £180, complete with a detachable blanket.

River Island received a flood of negative responses to the coat after posting it on their Instagram as well as across Twitter.
River Island通过Instagram和Twitter分享了这款产品之后就收到了大量的差评。

One Twitter user mocked the store questioning who gave the go ahead for the quirky design.

One user said: 'Ugliest thing I have ever seen, might as well throw the quilt around your shoulders and walk the street'.

In addition to the design being slammed by the shops fans, the price has also come under fire.

One Instagram user said: 'I like your thinking RI but I'm pretty sure I could just go to Go Outdoor stitch on some sleeves and save some money'.
一位Instagram用户说:“我喜欢你的思路,River Island,但我很确定我只能去Go Outdoor(英国最大的户外品牌店)买衣服,然后缝上袖子,还省点钱。”

And despite being on the higher end price point of the high street stores usual selection, the questionable design is already running low on sizes, with large no longer available online.

A small selection of bloggers have embraced the retailers quirky sleeping bag coat with some choosing to model it for their own followers.

One  user said: 'I'd wear it, I'm always cold.'

River Island has not yet directly responded to the wave of negative responses received on its social media.
目前River Island还未就社交媒体上的一波波差评给与答复。