After years of teasing his older brother about his hair loss, Prince Harry has had to face some uncomfortable truths about his own thinning thatch.

But unlike William, who appears to have given up on his own bald patch, Harry (pictured) seems to be seeking a cure for his.

That, at least, was the conclusion of friends after the 29-year-old Prince was spotted eating asparagus, hailed by nutritionists as a powerful counter to balding because of its apparent high alkaline content, which stimulates hair growth.

Just days after returning to London from the Royal Family’s Christmas gathering at Sandringham, Harry was spotted at fashionable Chelsea restaurant La Brasserie, which is his favourite hang-out.
就在桑德林汉姆庄园皇族圣诞聚会回来之后,有人看到哈里王子出现在切尔西的一家时尚餐厅La Brasserie里,这家餐厅是王子常去的最爱。

Harry ordered a £9.50 plate of hot asparagus, followed by eggs benedict after he joined friends for a late brunch.

He has often joked about William’s receding hairline, once quipping that his brother was ‘already bald aged 12’.

But over the past year it has been noted that Harry seems to also be experiencing early hair loss inherited from his father Prince Charles, who had the same problem as a young man.

Indeed Harry’s emerging pate became more evident when he bent over to pet a dog brought by a well-wisher at the Sandringham Christmas church service.

But while he may be losing his hair, the Army officer, who spent three weeks trekking to the South Pole with a group of injured servicemen and servicewomen, did return home sporting a handsome beard.