Well, this is a bit awkward.

Just as she was strutting her stuff around the edge of a swimming pool in a glamorous dress and killer heels, a beauty queen takes an embarrassing tumble into the water.

Pilar Magro was taking part in Miss Universe Spain when she took the plunge straight into the crystal blue water.

As she lined up behind her fellow contestants to begin her strut to show off her enviable figure, Pilar lost her footing, slipped from the edge of the pool and straight into the water as she tried to perform a twirl.

Thankfully, a lifeguard was on hand to rescue a screaming Pilar from the water and she quickly managed to regain her composure .
幸好一位救生员就在现场,他从水中救出了尖叫的皮拉尔, 而皮拉尔也很快镇静下来。

It is reported that the beauty yanked off her shoes and swam to safety.

But her gaffe may have ultimately cost her the title as Sofia del Prado was crowned winner.

She will now compete in the Miss Universe competition, where she will be up against Britain's Anna Burdzy.