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The [ɔ:] sound. This aw is very similar to the [ɑ:] as in father, which is a little more open, ah. Aw. You can see, there is a shift in the lips, and also the cheeks come in a little bit. Ah, father, aw, law. So, the coming in of the cheeks kind of makes this a little bit longer and the lips come out just a little bit. Ah, aw. There is also a very subtle change that happens with the tongue. In ah as in father, it's laying. And it continues to lay on the aw law, but the difference is, in the back, it shifts back a little bit. It shifts back towards the throat. Ah, aw. And that changes the color just a little bit.

[ɔ:]这个音非常接近father一词中的[ɑ:]音,不过发[ɑ:]的时候嘴要张得更大些,ah. aw,就像大家看到的这样,唇形有所变化,脸颊也略微往里缩。ah, father. aw, law. 脸颊往里缩使得aw这个音有些被拉长,另外嘴唇要稍微向外张。ah,aw. 再有,发这两个音时舌头也是有细小变化的。在发father中的ah时,舌头是平放着的;虽然发law中的aw时,舌头也是平放着,但是区别在于后部。发aw时舌头要向后移一些,也就是向喉咙处移动。ah, aw. 就是这样造成了声音的细微差异。

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Your daughter is taller than when I saw her last fall.