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The [u] sound. This is very related to the [ʌ] as in butter, but there's a difference in the tongue position, and a difference in the lip position. What the tongue does, is it comes more forward than it does for the uh {butter} sound, and it also raises a little bit in the back. But it doesn't touch the roof of the mouth. Uh, uh. So it comes up a little bit in the back and then forward. The lips, as you can see, uh, they come out a little bit, and the corners come in just a little bit. Uh {butter}, uh {full}, uh {butter}, uh {full}. Uh, butter -- uh, should, could, full.

[u]的发音与butter一词中[ʌ]的发音非常相近,但是它们在舌头和嘴唇位置上有所区别。在发[u]这个音时,舌头的位置比发[ʌ]时更靠前。同时舌根处略微抬起,但是不触及上颚。[u], [u]. 所以说舌跟略微抬起,然后向前伸展。至于唇形,正如你所见,[u], 嘴唇稍稍往外张,嘴角也略微往中间收。[ʌ],[u],[ʌ],[u]. [ʌ], butter -- [u], should, could, full.

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You should look at that woman's foot.