Owing to the over population in urban areas and the lack of employment opportunity, the crime rate is also a huge problem we are faced with. The problem of delinquency is increasingly more serious in this area. Also the lack of the traditional family structure and weakened bounds of kinship lower the moral of these children growing up in the urban areas. These children grow up in poverty and usually look at crimes as a quick and easy way out. The problems in urban areas are far more than can be handled in any short-term efforts. We can only hope to contain them and attempt to make sure that no more problems arise from the already existing ones.


解析:本段讲的是城市的犯罪率高和道德水准下降的问题,是典型的对社会问题的考察,一直以来社会问题都是高口考察的重点对象,所以,在今后的复习中考生应当继续多学习关于社会问题方面的文章。本段听力不算太难,需要注意的是delinquency和weakened bounds of kinship两处。

The problem of childhood obesity is proportional to the number of environmental factors, such as the location of a grocery store, relative to a home. Poor diet and physical inactivity are the two major contributors to obesity in the city and the most preventable causes of death. Women are more likely to be obese than men, 25 percent versus 19 percent. Residents with diabetes and hypertension are more likely to be obese than to be of a normal weight. Residents who eat five or more fruits or vegetables daily are less likely to be overweight or obese. High-school-age boys are more likely to be obese at 19 percent than their female counterpart, nearly 16percent of whom are obese.


解析:本题难点在于数字和比例关系。中心词为obesity. 第一句话说青少年肥胖是与其环境因素相关的,注意proportional 这个词,表示“与…成比例”。第二句话解释导致肥胖的两个因素:饮食不善和缺乏运动。此后进行对比,女性比男性更容易患上肥胖,其比例分别是百分之二十五比百分之十九,这是两个需要及时记下的数字。此后两句分别解说容易患上肥胖和不容易患上肥胖的两种人。最后一句仍是一组对比,在高中生中,男生更易肥胖,其比例是百分之十九,而女生是百分之十六。可以看出,段落难度并不大,但是数字和比例关系是考查重点。