TOEIC Vocabulary-Contract

affiliation 附属
annual wage increase 年薪调升
call for 要求
collective bargaining 集体交涉
contract 合同
convention 大会
cooperation 合作
coordination 协调
employee 雇员
employer 雇工
labor 劳工
labor accident 劳工事故
labor contract 用工合同
management 经营者
labor-management struggle 劳资斗争
penal regulation 惩罚规则
proposal 提议
protest 抗议
reach an agreement 达成协议
stage a strike 发起罢工
terms of contract 合同条款
wage 实施
the Japanese Trade Union Confederation 日本劳工团体联盟
the right to strike 罢工权
the right to work 工作权
wage dispute 薪金争议
working hours 工作时间