TOEIC Vocabulary-Invitation

write someone over 请人来
thank-you note 致谢函
get-together 亲朋好友的聚会
cocktail party 鸡尾酒会
dress-up party 必须盛装赴会的宴会
acceptance speech (提名之)接受演说
after-dinner speech 餐后演说
award ceremony 颁奖仪式
dedication 献辞
deliver an address 发表演说
express one's condolence over 悼念
farewell address 告别演说
inaugural ceremony 就职演说
nomination speech 提名演说
opening ceremony 开幕仪式
party convention 政党大会
pay a tribute to 向……致赞美之词
piano recital 钢琴演奏会
publication party 出版招待会
wedding banquet 婚宴
welcome party 欢迎会
you're cordially invited to 竭诚欢迎您的光临