Hey guys how are you all doing? I've got lots of comments saying I try too hard to be cool and funny. And this offends me because it’s true. I try really hard. And you guys aren’t supposed to know that. So fine, no more trying to be cool. In fact, this video is going to be why I am not cool.

I spend more time talking to a camera than I spend talking to females. I realize I do this a lot with my hair like Justin Bieber with Tourettes. When I am bored my roommates and I have dance battles in my apartment.

I am also stubborn especially when I think I’m right. Hey Jeremy Lin of the Golden State Warriors. Do you know that African elephants are the largest animals in the world? Land animal. The blue whale probably the largest…

Also I subconsciously add black around black people. And it because I try really hard to fit in. Like for rizzles. I secretly really wanna be a Korean pop singer. What the fuck…

What is embarrassing but I cry sometimes. I cried during Up. I cried during Kong Fu Panda 2. I cried listening to Adele’s new album. You could have had it all…I definitely cried when my hero Yao Ming retired. It was just so sad. Hey man you are right? I’m fine. I’m fine, OK? He was the greatest NBA player ever! You won’t understand.

This is more embarrassing but my friend and I have matching pajamas.

I like to show-off sometimes especially when I’m at the gym working out. My friends find me annoying cause I’m super competitive all the time even when it’s unnecessary. Hey Jeremy Lin I bet you can’t make this piece of paper into this trash can right here. All right. Told you. I told you. Not in my house, baby. Not in my house.

Anyway those are the ten reasons why I’m not cool. I hope you still like me after this video. If not I understand. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m about to destroy my buddy Jeremy at the game of the basketball. What’re you doing. You could have broke my neck dude. Thanks everyone for watching and I will see you guys soon. Bye.