Jeremy Lin is not dating Kim Kardashian. He doesn’t know where anyone got that, and even if he wanted to take the reality star out, he’s pretty sure he’s not her type. The wild rumor was just one of several Lin has cleared up in the past few days as the media firestorm has steadily increased around the Knicks point guard.

People often say New York is the toughest place in the world for an athlete to play. That’s both true and misleading. A strong case could be made that there’s more pressure, but for the players who are able to cope, the rewards can often be staggering. Babe Ruth, Broadway Joe DiMaggio, Lawrence Taylor and dozens of others are still glorified years after they retired, and players like Derek Jeter and Eli Manning are on their way to achieving that immortality. Jeremy Lin might not be anywhere close to entering that class, but through almost a dozen games, he’s heading in the right direction.

The downside, of course, even for those who handle the pressure well, is the continual invasion of one’s personal life. Jeremy Lin has been hounded by reporters asking nonsense such as whether he’s dating Kim Kardashian, but in an interview with ESPN, he makes it clear he’s taking it all with a smile.




值得一提的是,此刻NBA赛场上正上演尼克斯与网队的大战,与卡戴珊有过72天短暂婚姻的Kris Humphries就是网队的球员。